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Latest News!


Race Car Replicas (RCR) Takes on XJ13 Sales & Support!

Race Car Replicas of Clinton Township Michigan, USA has taken on the XJ13 project fully to include sales & support as well as kit fabrication. RCR has been producing the SCF XJ13 kits since 2006, and will be continuing in this capacity moving forward, but with the added services of sales & support.


The XJ13 kits are offered alongside RCR’s other world class offerings such as the RCR 40, RCR P4, RCR 70, RCR 17, Superlite® Coupe, Superlite® Roadster, Nemesis, and others. RCR is the only licensed entity worldwide to produce this extraordinary XJ13 replica using the Sports Car Factory molds & tooling.  


For ordering information, please contact Fran Hall at Race Car Replicas.



Phone: 586-329-1573



Trevor Williams Racing Replicas (TWRR)

The Premere Expert Builder of the XJ13 Replica

Let’s face it . . .  no one can lay claim to this title better than Trevor Williams.  TWRR has taken the SCF XJ13 kit (as modern as it is) and replicated the look and feel of the original XJ13 by adding detail and custom work above and beyond the kit offering.  To fully authenticate the work, TWRR has paired finished units with no one other than Norman Dewis, the XJ13’s original test driver. 












Trevor Williams
The Whitehouse  Bishopswood Lane  Baughurst  Hampshire  RG26 5LT
Tel:  01189 707080      Fax:  0118 982 1307     Mobile:  07901 558242                             



Kit by: The Sports Car Factory & Race Car Replicas


Finishing & Fine Details by:

Trevor Williams Racing Replicas


The SCF XJ13 is an engineered replica of the famous Jaguar XJ 13, a 1966 Le Mans race car that set a new track record (officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records) during its initial test run as Jaguar’s new V-12 platform. Luckily for the reigning champions of the day the XJ13 never had the chance to race as its further development was set aside in the wake of the merger between BMC and Jaguar. The one and only original now resides in the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Museum, attracting attention and visitors from all over the world.


The Sports Car Factory and Race Car Replicas have introduced replica XJ13 kits, of the finest quality and attention to detail. The engineering and design has been taken further with the introduction of an all aluminum monocoque chassis, and a layout that makes this car easy to build and work on. This results in a strong, yet super lightweight unit.


Fully functioning replica XJ13 induction system

designed by Trevor Williams Racing Replicas.




ç  Left Photo: 

      Cockpit finished and detailed by Trevor Williams  Racing Replicas









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