The Sports Car Factory was formed in 2004 to bring high quality replica bodies, chassis and components of rare, historic cars to the builder market. We currently offer a high quality, self-build replica of the Jaguar XJ13, known as the SCF XJ13.


All of our engineering and design work is aimed at balancing external authenticity with quality by taking advantage of contemporary technologies in material and fabrication. It is our belief that such technology would have been utilized in its day for each and every car had it been available. In addition, by using CAD systems, CNC machinery, and modern composites and alloys, we are able to accomplish more in a shorter period of time as compared to hand fabrication. As a result, we gain efficiency through the use of today’s technology. This further results in the fabrication of stunning replicas representative of the original car, yet very contemporary in many respects. Under the skin we have an ultra modern infrastructure. Our platform is a state-of-the art, all aluminum monocoque chassis that is CNC cut, formed and tig welded in the very same manner some of today’s super cars and concept cars are fabricated. Our suspension parts (i.e. control arms and uprights) are CNC machined from billet aluminum as well as many other components. Bodies are fabricated of light-weight, yet very strong composites. In the end, we can offer a high quality, engineered replica unit for builders to complete and enjoy for years to come.


The kit car industry is not what it used to be, a good portion of it has morphed into a high quality arena of custom fabricated components using the best technology has to offer. The Sports Car Factory and its affiliates have proudly embraced this inevitable pathway into the future, and each of us looks to push innovation, engineering and creativity further.


I offer my sincerest thanks for taking the time to visit the SCF web-site!


-- Richard Dommers, MBA and Managing Member

-- The Sports Car Factory, LLC



-- The Sports Car Factory, LLC (SCF) is a privately held company dedicated to the manufacture of high quality sports car kits (body-chassis units). SCF currently offers a replica body-chassis unit of the Jaguar XJ13. SCF owns the tooling; molds; design copyrights and fabrication process copyrights to its XJ13 body (close replication of original), and its XJ13 chassis. The company is located in Maryland with affiliated fabrication facilities in Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Australia, and the UK.


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Phone: 240-441-1401